.NET Rules Processing Engine

Free .NET Rules Processing Library. This library may be used to define and process business rules from within a .NET application.

Animated Soccer Rules  v.1.0

Animated soccer drills is a cool software for learning the basic rules of soccer. It is created with Flash and should be compatible with all new browser versions.


Chess rules K

Downloads organized by ECO opening code.ChessCentral is the place to find free chess downloads, articles, and puzzles. A great online store helps you find the books, e-books, and cd roms you need.Chess servers hosting multiple games.Chess rules for a

Rules Tools  v.

Rules Tools is a software for checking rules of validation for your Visio product. The new Validation API enables businesses to write custom validation rules for their own purposes.

Cellular Automata Rules  v.1.0

Analyze nearby neighbor rules with this tool. Cellular Automata Rules is a simple, very convenient,

Clipboard Rules  v.1.0

Clipboard Rules is a unique and simple to use clipboard monitoring tool that can trigger different actions based on the text loaded to the clipboard. The rules applied only to text strings loaded to the clipboard. It is a small and portable utility.

DRRE - Data Rules and Routing Engine  v.rc

Accepts data in a wide variety of formats, transforms it using complex business rules and sends onwards to directories, databases, message queues and a wide variety of other destinations.

MIDI Rules  v.2

MIDI Rules is a Rule-Based MIDI Processing Environment that can process (translate, map, convert, filter, trigger, route) MIDI messages.

Web Rules  v.66

web rules is an powerfully filtering HTTP proxy, and rules how to access the web.

Golden Rules Organizer  v.2 2

This GTD-compliant personal effectiveness tool includes project management, task management, contact management, scheduler, planner, cost and time tracking, diary, hierarchical notes, bookmarks manager.

DSAR2ST-DSA improved rules  v.2.016

This Program is used to manage heroes of DSA (german fantasy role playing).

Jamocha - one engine for all your rules.  v.1.1.3

Jamocha is an open source rule engine.

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